Who’s This Guy? What’s This Page?

Rick, the guy who runs this website, is a middle aged family man and comedian from the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario.  He lives with his wife, two daughters, a dog (a very good boy) and a cat (also pretty good.)

Rick’s unnatural obsession with baseball, poker, and making people laugh led to Middle Aged Joker, his third (and best!) blog site.  Have fun, read the articles, and please leave a comment.  Rick ALWAYS answers his comments, because the M.A.J. staff force him to.

M.A.J. covers six topics:

Baseball – Rick is seriously the biggest baseball nut. Click on the Baseball topic if you want baseball. Especially Blue Jays talk.
Poker – Rick also loves poker, so click here if you’d like to learn about poker.
Weight Loss – At least as of the last time this was edited Rick needed to lose some weight, so look here for a weight loss story – and share your own!
Movies – Rick does love to blog about movies, so we here at the M.A.J. website HQ force him to write about one movie a week.
Being a Dad – Rick has a family, and there’s always something to say there.
Funny Stuff – Rick is a comedian (he’s busy, okay?) and will often just write funny things. He can be a little weird.

We’re chaining Rick to his desk and not letting him go until he produces all the content you want, so keep checking back!