Weight Loss So Far: Zero!

After three weeks of weight loss effort I have successfully lost three weeks of effort.  Yay!

Weight on August 31: 231

Goal Weight: 220 as of Christmas

Weight as of September 21: 231

Now in fairness my weight loss period has been a three act play:

ACT 1: I started running for a week, and hurt my legs.

ACT 2: A guy drilled a hole in my nutsack and I couldn’t exercise for a week.

ACT 3: I’ve just kinda forgot.

I’ve done weight loss before.  Back in 2008 or so I weighed so much I was afraid to weigh myself.  I sure LOOKED like I weighed 300 pounds, and I may have.  After months of effort I worked up the courage to stand on a scale and I was at 278, which for a man just over six feet tall is a BMI of “Orca.”

Anyway I kept at it and got it down to 210 or so, and it’s drifted up since, so I figured, hey, I did way more before, this’ll be easy!  Back then I did make some dietary changes but to be honest it was changing my eating from “absolutely insane” to “still too much but sane.”  Most of the weight I ran off.  So I figured I’d do that again.

I forgot: I’m way older.   But my legs did not forget this.

So running may not be the only solution here, I dislike upper body exercise because I am weak (there may be a connection there) and walking a lot doesn’t really burn as many calories as you think.   So I have to change my eating, which is unfortunate.

I would much prefer to be like Michael Phelps. When he was training for the Olympics he ate 12,000 calories a day. That’s not a typo.  A typical breakfast was “three fried egg sandwiches, a five egg omelette, three pieces of French toast, pancakes and a side of grits.”   Apparently he swam a lot, too, but details, details.

He spent so much on food he couldn’t afford shirts.

So this week I made my first little change; I started taking sweetener in my coffee instead of yellow sugar.  This may not sound like a big deal but I estimate this change will save me one pound every two months.  Hey, it’s math; you can’t deny science.  Artificial sweetener taste like crap to me, but dying young doesn’t sound tasty, either.  Next week’s change will be… I don’t know yet, I’ll think of something.

I’m still gonna try running.  I’ll check in next week and let you know if my legs have fallen off.

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