Who Should Be In the Hall of Fame

They’ve released the 2018 ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame and I thought it would be fun to look at all the candidates and explain to you who these guys are and why they should or shouldn’t be in… oh no, a baseball post!

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Age of the Home Run

So a couple of days ago, in the second game of the World Series, eight home run were hit between the two teams.  That is an all time record for a World Series game.  I admit that surprised me; they’ve been playing the World Series for over a hundred years and there have been games in the regular season where one team hit eight homers (the Blue Jays once hit ten in a game) so I assumed at some point some World Series game would have been a homerfest, but there it is.  It does NOT surprise me that the record is of recent vintage, though, because there have never been more home runs being hit.

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You Can’t Make Prime Rib Out Of A TV Dinner

If you’re looking for a way to lose faith in the human race, gain a sudden desire to abandon all your belongings and loved ones, become a forest hermit and never trust another person’s opinions again, I encourage you to listen to sports radio call in shows. I’ve made the mistake of doing it from time to time and I’ve come to the conclusion that while most baseball fans are not idiots – there are too many of them for that to be true – the ones that ARE idiots love calling sports talk radio. Continue reading “You Can’t Make Prime Rib Out Of A TV Dinner”