Dad Really Is Cool #2: Memes

Despite my having defeated Minecraft, my children still insist I am not cool.  In today’s video I continue to prove I am totally bodacious and up to date on the latest slang.

Anyway, after my admittedly infuriating introduction to the ridiculous scam job that is Minecraft, I beat the game in a few hours and after a few days built some neat things:

I couldn’t figure out how to build a little Drake sitting atop the CN Tower, though.

Took me four or five hours to do this one plus my New York City, Jakarta, and a full scale representation of the fictional Los Angeles from the original “Blade Runner,” but I do my part.  How can you think THIS guy isn’t cool?  Look at my dog.

Anyway, today I decided to learn “memes,” the primary humor source for my kids and the way they speak to each other.  You know how you’ll sometimes bond/joke with someone with movie quotes?  Kids today and their memes.  That’s how they talk.  It’s indecipherable.  It’s like listening to R2-D2 except unlike everyone in Star Wars you can’t actually understand all his bleeping and blooping.  So I had T and M send me some memes and here’s how that went.  Enjoy and tell me what your kids do to irritate you.

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