Doctors and Dentists and Knees, Oh My

In the ongoing saga of Rick Gets Incredibly Old, my right knee is staging an open rebellion against me.  It hates me.  This is not good for weight loss, which by the way isn’t happening.

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Canada’s Wondering How Old I Am

Yesterday we went to Canada’s Wonderland, which if you don’t live around here is a large amusement park just north of Toronto.  For our American readers, it’s like Six Flags with only one flag.  While we were there, I found out I was too old.

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Vasectomy: The Aftermath

Well, I’m back from the vasectomy clinic.  As I promised I would in Wednesday’s column, since I survived, I went straight to the M.A.J. offices to report on what happened.

Today’s adventure began, as so many of my adventures do, with me planning a stupid joke.

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Let’s Fix This Junk: The Vasectomy

This coming Saturday, I will transition from being a man to being whatever you are after a vasectomy.  That’s right; I’m getting the snip.  Mrs. M.A.J. has been carrying the freight on birth control since we met, so it’s time I did my part.  Or parts.

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