Five New Game Shows We Need

You know what we need?  Better game shows.  Most game shows now are shows where people get voted off the show by one or more of the other contestants.  That sucks.  I want shows where people leave on stretchers. Let’s make prime time exciting again.

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Cart of Darkness

What the hell is up with all the shopping carts everywhere?  I don’t mean at stores – obviously they belong there – but everywhere.  All over the streets, sitting around.

We walked the dog this evening  – that’s not a euphemism, I actually have a dog:

Who’s a good boy?

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Let’s Fix This Junk: The Vasectomy

This coming Saturday, I will transition from being a man to being whatever you are after a vasectomy.  That’s right; I’m getting the snip.  Mrs. M.A.J. has been carrying the freight on birth control since we met, so it’s time I did my part.  Or parts.

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