Let’s Fix This Junk: The Vasectomy

This coming Saturday, I will transition from being a man to being whatever you are after a vasectomy.  That’s right; I’m getting the snip.  Mrs. M.A.J. has been carrying the freight on birth control since we met, so it’s time I did my part.  Or parts.

I was referred to what is by all accounts the best castration vasectomy clinic around Continue reading “Let’s Fix This Junk: The Vasectomy”

You Can’t Make Prime Rib Out Of A TV Dinner

If you’re looking for a way to lose faith in the human race, gain a sudden desire to abandon all your belongings and loved ones, become a forest hermit and never trust another person’s opinions again, I encourage you to listen to sports radio call in shows. I’ve made the mistake of doing it from time to time and I’ve come to the conclusion that while most baseball fans are not idiots – there are too many of them for that to be true – the ones that ARE idiots love calling sports talk radio. Continue reading “You Can’t Make Prime Rib Out Of A TV Dinner”

Rick’s Favorite Movies, 1 of 52: “Fargo”

So I’m going to run through a review of my favorite movies of all time, adding every one for every week for the next year.  Two disclaimers:

1.  They’re not in order.  I’m just doing them as I get around to them in whatever order strikes my fancy.

2.  I am not claiming these to be the BEST 52 movies of all time.  They’re just my favorite.  I have chosen them based on… well, I can’t say why, I just did.  I gladly concede there will be many movies on my list that are not, in many ways, as good as movies that are not on my list. Continue reading “Rick’s Favorite Movies, 1 of 52: “Fargo””